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Why Saint Demetrios?

Saint Demetrios Pre-School’s hope is that every child in our school will experience joy, fun, discovery, and wonderment as they learn and continue to Love Learning!

2504 Cub Hill Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21234
410-661-1090 x204

The Saint Demetrios Pre-School has been on the grounds of Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church since September 1999. A non-profit, Accredited Early Education Program, the Saint Demetrios (Bilingual) Pre-School is a Ministry of the Church, is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education - Child Care Administration, the Archdiocese of America, and the Greek Embassy. The non-profit school accepts children ages 6- weeks through kindergarten. We believe in active learning in a Christian centered environment, which will ready the children to enter Kindergarten and encourage them to be curious and excited about lifelong learning and discovery. Our program enriches and enhances spiritual growth, cultural/ethnic components of Christianity.


Our vision is to contribute to the healthy growth and development of our children. We strive to provide children with opportunities that develop their intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and physical skills. To embark on the journey of a lifelong interest and appreciation for spiritual and cultural yearning, our educationally based philosophy and curriculum will emphasize that each child will be elevated to his/her own individual potential at his/her individual pace.


To provide a learning and nurturing environment that develops the whole child by:

-Placing the emphasis on the importance of Christian beliefs.

-Providing an educationally structured climate for age-appropriate learning activities.

-Promoting Bilingual language (Greek) and cultural values in conjunction with the Church.

-Creates opportunities for the development of social skills.

Value of a Christian Education:

The children will sing simple songs throughout their day to remind them that they are SPECIAL and God Loves them. Teaching the children through music exploration and Guiding them by the important elements of our Orthodox Religion. Saint Demetrios Pre-School is an outstanding early education program in a secure Orthodox Christian environment. We also participate in Maryland Excels and are licensed under the Office of Child care and MSDE.

Tuition and Fees: 

Pre-School Program (6 weeks - 4 years) REGISTRATION Link

Tuition is paid in advance weekly, bi-weekly,  or  Monthly  in Full by paypal (, swipesimple, brightwheel, check, or cash.   If you cannot meet your payment schedule, it is your responsibility to call the Director. Stewards of Saint Demetrios Church ($500 or more per year) will receive a $50 per month tuition deduction. We also offer a Sibling Discount of 5% per family.

Pre-School Student (6 weeks - 4 yrs) Registration fee: $100.00 PAYABLE AT REGISTRATION AND RE-REGISTRATION. This fee is non-refundable.


KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION Link  $7,000.00 + Non-Refundable $250 Registration Fee

Our Saint Demetrios Day School uses the ABEKA Curriculum and is taught by a Maryland Certified Teacher. Our small classroom size offers the wonderful benefit of small group instruction, personalized educational approaches, parent involvement, fosters strong bonds with their peers.

Although we have a rolling admissions policy, we ask that applications be submitted as soon as possible.  This will allow us to plan and better prepare for the next school year.

Kindergarten Registration fee is $250 per student which covers the cost of the Abeka Student Workbooks. This $250 fee is non-refundable and is not applied towards Tuition Costs for the year. Kindergarten tuition is $7,000.

As part of the tuition structure of Saint Demetrios Pre-School, families support the school through service. Families fulfill their service obligation – 10 hours per family per school year– in


Saint Demetrios offers Summer Care for students 2 yrs. through 5th grade. We have 2-week themed groups similar to Vacation Bible School. School-Aged students may attend the entire summer or pick their favorite 2 weeks – Students in Pre-School must attend the entire summer due to our high demand in enrollment. Pricing & Registration link- Please use the 2022/2023 registration link above

Please send the following LABLED items for your child(ren):

  • l Sunscreen
  • l Water bottle
  • l (2) changes of clothes
  • l Rest blanket/ Beach Towel- Does not apply to School-Aged children
  • l Water soaker/bathing suit/towels/water bucket/water Shoes NO FLIP FLOPS on
    • l WATER DAYS

Toddlers & 2s- Tuesdays    School-Aged- Wednesdays  3s &4s Thursdays

Other Reminders:

  • l Tuition is paid in advance weekly or bi-weekly in Full (
  • l This is a PEANUT & NUT FREE Program
  •  Pack a breakfast if your child has not eaten prior to arrival (Milk WILL be provided). Children arriving after 9 am must eat prior to arrival


- All Children must be picked up by 5 pm daily (5:30 for extended Care). Late fee of $5 per 10 minutes late will be charged (cash)

- All medications must be brought in (original packaging) and given to the Director with Medication forms

Crusader Kids SUPPLY LISTS & Summer Themes 2022




LUNCH BOX  - easily opened by child



1          -Package BABY WIPES

2          - ROLLS OF PAPER TOWELS (Must be in wrapper)





1          - PENCILS (School Aged ONLY)

1          -GLUE STICK

1          - SAFETY SCISSORS

1          - WASHABLE WATER COLORS (8 count)




- BALLS FOR INDIVIDUAL PLAY (Soccer/kickball/beach ball/ etc.)

Themes & Dates


June 13- July 1, 2022: Our Country/Trust Jesus

(S.T.E.M: Modes of Travel)

July 5- July 15, 2022: Champions in Life/ We are Winners in Jesus

(S.T.E.M: Roles of Community Workers)

July 18- July 29, 2022: God’s Wonder Lab/ Miracles of Jesus

(S.T.E.M: Chemical Experiments)

August 1- August 12, 2022: Passport to Peace/ God’s Family

(S.T.E.A.M: Arts & Music Around the World)

August 15- August 24, 2022: Make Waves/ Share God’s Love

(S.T.E.M: Water & Kinetic Energy)


As part of the tuition structure of Saint Demetrios Pre-School, families support the school through service. Families fulfill their service obligation – 10 hours per family per school year– in

a variety of ways. Parents, grandparents, Guardians and/or adult siblings of the student may serve the hours. If the hours are served during the summer months, any time after the end of school in June, they will be credited to the next school year. Hours do not roll over from one year to the next, nor are the hours transferable from one family to another. If both parents work the same event, both parents receive credit. All activity must be school related and school approved. Here are just some of the many ways that parents support the school:

Volunteering to read to classrooms

Assisting at the Pre-School table during Saint Demetrios Festival

Greeting during Open-houses

Assisting with planning/set-up for Community Yard Sale

Assistance with the Annual School Auction

Helping with classroom parties/set up

Grounds Keeping (pulling weeds/mulching playground)

Serving/Prepping food for School sponsored fundraisers (Pancake Brunch/Spaghetti Dinner)

Assisting during School End-of-Year activities/Parties

(Additional Assistance will be requested throughout the School Year that can be used as Service Hours.)

Please know that in order for your service to count toward your service obligation, it must be documented on a Service Hours Log and Signed by a Representative of the Pre-School. Logs will be submitted to School staff prior to the end of the school year.

Parents may opt to pay a $100 fee to waive the service-hour commitment, and all families that fall short of the service-hour obligation are billed at a rate of $10 per hour (Deadline is June 1st) This is not encouraged as actual service is vital to the school community. 

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