Church School


Students are instructed in the teachings and traditions of Orthodox Christianity at an age appropriate level. This vital ministry seeks to cultivate within our children an Orthodox Christian way of life along with Orthodox Christian spirituality. Grade curriculums offer opportunities for learning that supplement and complement the Holy Wisdom offered in the Divine Liturgy. Each grade level follows a specific curriculum, is interactive and participates in special projects to help facilitate the learning process.

Our Saint Demetrios Church School staff members are volunteers dedicated to the religious education of the youth and provide direction for Christian growth rooted in the principles and teachings of the Holy Orthodox Church; however, the success of our ministry remains dependant on parents enrolling their children into the program and striving to further explore and develop upon the Sunday instructed classroom lessons, within their homes.

Furthermore, our Church School Ministry is continually and wholeheartedly interested in, and welcomes committed parishioners willing to offer a portion of their time and talent to help the Religious Education Staff teach our youth the religious, moral and holy principles of the Orthodox Christian way of life.

Registration and Attendance

  • Pre-School, 3 year olds through High School seniors.
  • Classes commence in September and conclude in May or June.

Faithful Church School attendance and timeliness (Sundays by 9:50AM) are requirements. Lessons for each grade level begin promptly at 9:55AM.


NO COST. All Orthodox Christian stewards of Saint Demetrios Church, in good standing may register their children into the Church School Program.

For Further Information Contact

George Zaverdinos, Church School Director @ 410-638-2637

Church School Handbook