Stewardship News

2024 Stewardship: Did you know that if each steward of Saint Demetrios would forgo one cup of coffee each week at Starbucks and instead donate the price of that coffee to our church, we raise over $109,000 for our beloved church! What a great way to help our church!! Please take this into consideration when prayerfully submitting your pledge card! Our beloved Saint Demetrios Church needs your support! We are already behind our 2023 stewardship pace! Our financial security is dependent upon Stewardship, and we ask that you carefully consider your 2024 pledge. An increase of $2 to $3 per week would greatly help with our increased expenses! Our ultimate goal is to support 100% of our operating budget through Stewardship. Won’t you do all you can to bring this goal to fruition? Let us start 2024 strong!